Iran: Fuel uprising and desperate attempts by MOIS, IRGC and SSF to stop it

Only a single day after fuel rationing was announced by the mullahs’ regime, more than fifty gas stations were set ablaze by the angry and frustrated Iranian people in various cities of Golestan, Khorasan, Khuzestan, Isfahan, Mazandaran, Golestan, as well as East and West Azerbaijan Provinces. 

Commanders of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and State Security Forces (SSF) Special Units did not expect such swift reactions by people since the start of crackdowns two months ago. Something caught them by surprise crippling them of any effective move to prevent the people. 

Yesterday in a highly confidential meeting held at Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) headquarters in northern Tehran, the mood among the force’s top directors was one of disappointment over the results of last April and May’s ruthless suppression of youths and women under the pretext of “Public Security Plan.”

According to the meeting’s leaked minutes, despite such brutal onslaught of people to prepare the grounds for the first test of the society’s reaction under U.N. sanctions, the fuel rationing was a total failure.

MOIS assessed that SMS messages were the main source of getting the word across very quickly in the recent events.

It issued a directive to Ministry of Communications and Technology (MCT) ordering that all Short Message Services (SMS) must be filtered. Since noon on Wednesday all SMS services have been blocked in Iran.

Since gas is serving as jugular vein for the mullahs’ trembling economy which imports more than 40 percent of its needs from abroad, sanctions gradually but effectively are sinking in.

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