New combat operations of Mujahideen

159.jpgOccupation mass media reported that 3 kafirs from “Russian Interior Ministry troops” were killed and another five were wounded in the gun battle in the Vedeno district of CRI.


Invaders report that a military convoy was attacked on June 9 two kilometers from the village of Dishni-Vedeno. After a roadside bomb exploded a heavy gun fire begun between Mujahideen and kafirs.


The explosion occurred around 7.30 am on local time, kafirs where in BTR-80 armored vehicle. The explosion and subsequent fire eliminated the commander, the driver and the deminer.


“Moreover, two command officers, two engineers, and an instructor were badly wounded and taken to a hospital”, Russian sources report.


Mujahideen attacked occupation base in Vedeno


KC’s source from Chechnya reported that on the night of 8 July Mujahideen attacked Russian kafirs in Vedeno town. The gun battle has took place for several hours. The precise data on killed and wounded kafirs is unknown. Chechen command has not given any official statements about this operation.

11 kafirs wounded near Khattuni


According to occupation sources, 11 Russian OMON invaders from Russian’s Samara province were wounded in the car accident near the village of Khattuni (Vedeno district).


The occupation information sources indicated that the vehicle overturned “on the mountain road.” Let’s recall that the road near the Khattuni is very flat and wide. There is no rocks and gullies there. The road was built during the Caucasian War, first by the Imam Shamil, then by the imperial forces, which decimated forests during the war for protection against surprise attacks of Chechens. The road on which the truck had overturned, Chechens still referred as “military route”.


Chechen side has not given any comments about “an incident” near Khattuni.

2 munafiqs killed, several others wounded near the village of Pokrovskaya


A KC’s source from Dagestan reported that near the village of Pokrovskaya two munafiqs the so-called “police officers” were killed. Let’s remind that the night of July 4th, Mujahideen conducted a successful combat operation as a result of which a military bus with invaders abroad destroyed.


KC’s source reports that munafiqs were killed when they ran over a booby trap.


Through the so-called “investigations” one of munafiqs snag on a booby trap. As a result, two munafiqs were killed on the spot.


Several other munafiqs got serious injuries. A “head of the Dagestan border” was among the wounded munafiqs. Their names are unknown.

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