Tunisia Supports Iran’s N. Activities

A029274611.jpgTunisian Foreign Minister Abdelwaheb Abdallah in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki on Friday voiced his country’s support for Iran’s right to use nuclear energy. “Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons, and Iran has the right to conduct activities in the field of nuclear energy,” the Tunisian foreign minister reiterated.

“We believe that Iran is not pursuing belligerent goals and it is not seeking to access nuclear weapons. Rather, the Islamic Republic’s activities in the field of nuclear energy are aimed at completing peaceful scientific projects, and every country, including Iran, has the legal right to make such efforts,” he added.

The Tunisian top diplomat also approved Iran’s right to conduct uranium enrichment activities, saying, “Enrichment is a necessity for utilizing peaceful nuclear energy.”

Elsewhere, he noted the two countries’ good political relations, and reminded that Iran and Tunisia enjoy abundant but intact potentials for the further expansion of their economic ties.

“We can bolster the two countries’ financial and monetary cooperation,” Abdelwaheb said, adding, “Tunisia can serve as a center for the distribution of Iranian goods and products to the other world regions.”

“We are Iran’s friend and it is our duty to support this idea in every international and bilateral meeting and body that Iran is a peace-seeking country which demands peace and development,” Tunisian foreign minister said.

For his part, Iranian foreign minister, who is in Tunisia on a two-day visit, said that the two countries’ formal ties are at a good and confidence-building level.

“As regards economic relations, we are waiting for some long strides to be taken, because the two states enjoy ample potentials,” Manouchehr Mottaki continued.

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