Military activity increasing in Caucasus

1164.jpgMilitary activity in Chechnya and neighboring Ingushetia significantly increased. According to official data, 24 kafir and munafiqs were eliminated and wounded in one day in Chechnya and Ingushetia.


According to the Chechen edition of Radio Liberty by referring to residents of the village of Germenchuk and neighbouring Shali, Mujahideen forces eliminated three and injured five Russian kafirs in these regions on July 23.


Witnesses argue that they saw three dead kafirs, which lied near the destroyed UAZ jeep. Another five occupants were injured.


Let’s recall that the Russian side, while acknowledging the attack, claimed that only three occupants were injured.


Meanwhile, sources from Chechnya reported that Vedeno Gorge was subjected to artillery bombardments on the morning of July 24 Earlier the Russian sources reported that near the village of Tazen-Kala a heavy firefight took place between the Mujahideen squad and munafiqs of “Vostok”. On the morning of July 24 occupation sources said that during the battle gang one munafiqs from “Vostok” gang was killed and three others were wounded. However, the figure hardly reflects the real casualties of the bandits. Experience shows that kafirs and munafiqs regularly use to underestimate or even hide their casualties.


On another successful operation of Mujahideen has been reported from Ingushetia. In the village of Achaluki of Malgobek district, on the road Malgobek-Nazran in evening on July 23, a mobile team of Ingush Mujahideen attacked VAZ-2107 jeep with pro-Russian munafiqs from the so called Patrol-Guard Service.


As a result of sabotage action one munafiq have been eliminated and another munafiqs has been seriously injured.


On the night of 23 July in capital Jokhar a group of Mujahideen ambushed munafiqs of Patrol-Guard Service gangs and a group of armed gang from Kadyrov’s OMON.  


Mujahideen fired on a UAZ jeep and on a patrol unit, which was on the street at that time.


According to the radio interception 10 munafiqs were seriously injured as a result of sabotage action. At least eight of them were taken to capital’s hospital. The fate of the other two Kadyrovans is unknown.


The occupation mass media admitted that a mobile team of Mujahideen attacked puppet militia on Sunday night in capital Jokhar. The sources claimed, only 5 munafiqs had been injured in the shootout.

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