Serbia appoints Radovanovic as new chief prosecutor

The High Judicial Council decided on Tuesday (July 24th) to appoint Slobodan Radovanovic as acting public prosecutor. Parliament relieved state public prosecutor Slobodan Jankovic and district public prosecutor Milovan Bozovic of their duties Monday. Radovanovic has been Serbia’s organised crime prosecutor and will be succeeded by Miljko Radisavljevic, Krushevatz’s deputy municipal prosecutor. Addressing parliament, Justice Minister Dusan Petrovic stressed the new appointments would be crucial to the success of judicial reforms slated to begin in 2008.In other news Tuesday, an estimated 400 members of Serbia’s Independent Union of Policemen rallied in front of the government and interior ministry buildings in Belgrade to demand a 33% pay rise and equal salaries for all policemen. The union is threatening to call a strike if demands are not met.

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