Iraqi President Hopes Success for Iran-US Talks

A0184970.jpgIraqi President Jalal Talabani on Monday said he hoped for the success of talks between Iran and the United States on establishing security and stability in Iraq. “The success in the talks will be for the good of all parties,” Talabani said in a statement.

Talabani had met Monday morning with the Iranian officials before their scheduled meeting in Baghdad with officials from the US, in which the two parties were to discuss setting up a trilateral security committee on Iraq, a source from the Iranian embassy in Iraq said.

The source added the committee would be formed upon an Iranian proposal that was presented during the second round of US-Iranian talks held in Baghdad on July 24.

The meeting, according to the source, was expected to define the jurisdiction of the proposed committee, which would also include Iraq in addition to US and Iran.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had earlier called on both the US and Iran to help Iraq regain security, warning that the armed groups like the al-Qaeda terror network might move into the neighboring countries.

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