Iran, N. Korea Stress Expansion of Economic Ties

A02976677.jpgIranian and North Korean commerce ministers underlined the need for the pavement of the required grounds for the enhancement of trade activities and economic ties between the two countries. The issue was raised during a meeting between Iran’s Commerce Minister Masoud Mir Kazemi and North Korea’s Foreign Trade Minister RIM Kyong Man on Tuesday, where Mir Kazemi noted the two countries’ proper potentials and underlined the need for the optimized use of potentials as well as enhanced efforts to further bolster economic relations.

He pointed to Iran’s trade exchanges with 160 world countries, and said that North Korea’s enhanced knowledge of the existing potentials would play an effective role in the expansion of Tehran-Pyongyang economic ties.

The minister reminded that a major part of Iran’s economic exchanges normally take place through private companies and sector, and called for a detailed plan about the two countries’ desired grounds for boosting economic activities.

He also voiced Iran’s enthusiasm for making investment in North Korea and importing that country’s products, and pointed out that expansion of the two countries’ relations necessitates encouragement of the Iranian private sector to increase activities in North Korea.

To end his remarks, Mir Kazemi called for the arrangement of expert meetings, and stressed the need for the two countries’ cooperation in housing, dam and road construction as well as food, construction, medicine and medical equipment, machine-manufacturing and agricultural processing industries.

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