Majority of Iranians View Sanctions as Inefficient

A009056812.jpg69.5% of Iranians believe that West’s sanctions against Iran could not hurt their national solidarity, results of a recent opinion poll suggested. The poll, ordered by FNA and conducted by one of the creditable polling centers in Iran, was carried out to receive people’s views about such different issues as Iran’s nuclear issue, performance of the law enforcement police in treating addiction and the addicted, hooligans and disrespect for the Islamic code of dressing (Hijab), performance of government in different areas and the position and status of political parties, media and political figures.

The poll results also said 18% of the 8,000 people polled in 60 different cities of the country last month believed that sanctions would leave a negative impact on the country’s national solidarity to some extent while 12.5% said that sanctions would surely have such a negative effect.

Meantime, 62.4% of the subjects said that sanctions would not deteriorate the country’s economic conditions and 37.6% provided a different answer.

Also, 86.7% said that sanctions would not push Iran into a status of international isolation, while 13.3% said the measure would prove effective in isolating Iran internationally.

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