Agreement between Afghanistan and Pakistan to Fight against Terrorism

Within the last four days, Pakistan’s President General Pervez Musharraf has welcomed more than 600 Afghan and Pakistani tribal leaders in a joint peace meeting to find solutions for the problems of violence and instability in both side of the Pakistani-Afghan border.
The meeting, called as ‘Grand Jirga’, ended on Sunday with the calls for the commitment of the two parts to the establishment of the stability in the border areas.
Musharraf stated that some Pakistani tribesmen were providing support to Taleban located in Afghanistan. On the other hand, he said that both Islamabad and Kabul had responsibility to fight against terrorism in the region. The Talebanization of the region and religious extremism are the most important obstacles for both countries to create a setting conducive to economic development.
As a result of the meeting, some committees were established to discuss the issues in a more detailed way in the coming months. And the second Grand Jirga is to take place in Pakistan next year as a result of the agreement among the parties.
By Çağlar DölekŠ

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