US Middle-East Plan Defeated by Hezbollah’s Resistance

A02603098.jpgAn Iranian lawmaker viewed Hezbollah’s 33-day defense against Israeli invasion as among the most exceptional wars in recent decades, saying that Lebanese resistance brought the Untied States’ Greater Middle-East plan to mere failure. Speaking to FNA here on Wednesday, representative of Tabriz at the Islamic Consultative Assembly Mohammad Reza Mir Tajoddini said Hezbollah’s exceptional resistance has had many different achievements not only for Lebanon but also for the entire world of Islam.

“Zionists always were the victorious party in their wars against Arabs and Islamic countries and this very 33-day war was the only case where they could not attain their premeditated goals,” he said.

Viewing Israel’s 33-day attack on Lebanon as an all-out war, the MP said, “Despite the fact that the Israeli army was fully equipped and targeted the Lebanese Hezbollah from air, land and sea, they lost the war to a group which was not equipped with advanced weapons and was resisting the Zionists’ invasion only on land.”

Mir Tajoddini said that the achievements of Hezbollah’s resistance could be observed in the relations of the United States and West with the Muslim world during the last year.

“Americans sought to launch their plots for the Middle-East in Lebanon and through the Israeli invasion, but all their plots fell flat and they couldn’t obtain any of their goals and objectives,” he said.

The legislator also mentioned high morale and birth of the spirit of resistance against occupation, aggression and threats of the Israeli regime as among the other achievements of the 33-day war.

He said Hezbollah’s 33-day resistance and its eventual victory caused a revival of hope and Islamic movement and resistance among Muslim nations and increased solidarity among Islamic countries and nations, specially the younger generation, teaching them that one can stand against the toughest enemies through reliance on the power of faith and the spirit of Jihad (holy defense), resistance and martyrdom-seeking.

“And these lessons set a paradigm in the world of Islam and Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of this party (Hezbollah), became the most popular figure in the Muslim world,” the Iranian legislator added.

“This spirit and victory as well as the symbol established in the name of Hezbollah have formed a strong dam against the expansionism of the world arrogance and the United States,” he concluded.

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