Iran to Increase Security Measures at Borders

A024709818.jpgCommander of the Iranian Law Enforcement Police said that his troops would increase security measures and arrangements to defuse and confront terrorist operations by anti-Iran groups. Speaking to reporters in northwestern Iran on Monday, General Esmayeel Ahmadi Moghaddam noted terrorist activities across Iran’s shared borders with some neighboring countries, and said, “Insecurities caused by the anti-revolution grouplets in Kurdistan, Western Azerbaijan and Sistan and Balouchestan provinces is among the main challenges existing at the country’s borders.”

“Establishment of systematic relations with the border guards of the neighboring countries and establishment of security on both sides of the shared borders comprise the main solution to the problem in the said regions,” he continued.

“As a result of a recent Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) signed with Pakistan, confrontation with the elements of insecurity has been accelerated,” the General said, adding that a clear and good prospect can also be envisioned for security at Iran’s borders with Afghanistan and Iraq, considering that governmental structures in the said two countries are growingly reinvigorated.

He said Pakistan has prioritized security operations and measures in its eastern borders with India because Islamabad views its shared borders with Iran as secure.

“Owing to the fact that the security investments in the western parts of Pakistan which neighbor Iran are weak, these regions have turned into a good place for the bandits which escape Iran,” the police chief continued.

He further voiced satisfaction from Iran’s intelligence cooperation with Pakistan, saying that the two sides’ good interaction has produced positive results in chasing and arresting the bandits.

The police commander also confirmed earlier reports that the 21 hostages abducted by bandits in southeastern Iran on Sunday have all been released as a result of efforts made by the Pakistani government.

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