Iran-Turkey Ties not Affected by Foreign Elements

A024709822.jpgIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad underlined brotherly and consolidated ties between Iran and Turkey, saying that no foreign actor or element may undermine Tehran-Ankara relations. Ahmadinejad made the remarks in a meeting with Turkey’s Energy Minister Hilmi Guler here in Tehran on Monday, where he stressed the growingly consolidated ties and cooperation between the two sides.

He further voiced Iran’s pleasure in the progress and victories of the Turkish nation, and reminded that Tehran and Ankara’s cordial ties would serve the interests of the two nations, the region and the world.

The president also stated Iran’s preparedness to develop and strengthen ties with Turkey unrestrictedly.

He also voiced pleasure in the two states’ cooperation in such different areas as investment in power plant construction and energy, and mentioned that such cooperation would reinvigorate peace and security.

For his part, Turkey’s energy minister stated his pleasure in attending talks with Iranian officials, and viewed the two countries’ relations as good.

“Iran and Turkey have taken long strides towards further development of their relations, and this could certainly influence establishment of regional and global peace and stability,” he continued.

Hilmi Guler also described the two countries’ cooperation in the different energy and gas sectors as significant, and voiced Ankara’s readiness to further expand bilateral ties and mutual cooperation with Iran in different grounds

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