MP Blasts Neighbors for Insecurities in Iran’s Borders

A024709816.jpgAn Iranian lawmaker here on Monday called on neighboring countries to show active cooperation in quelling insecurities caused by terrorists who ferry across their shared borders with Iran, underlining that Tehran is seeking secured borders. Speaking to FNA about the fate of the hostages taken by armed bandits in Iran’s southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan on Sunday, member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Javad Jahangir-zadeh expressed regret that Iran’s borders are invaded by aliens’ mercenaries.

He further dismissed allegations that such operations are staged by Iranian opposition groups without any link with foreign states, saying that such a claim is void of political realities existing in contemporary world.

The legislator said a major part of opposition groups are supported and incited by foreign actors headquartered beyond Iranian borders, and added, “Our neighbors should clear up their stance on us.”

Reiterating that Iran seeks to secure its borders, he warned neighbors not to allow certain groups or individuals to misuse their shared borders with Iran, saying that such an approach could be easily retaliated by allowing similar elements to use Iran’s shared borders with such neighbors to deal a blow at the interests of such neighbors.

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