Cleric Praises Gov’t’s Anti-US Stances

A00954306.jpgTehran’s provisional Friday Prayers leader Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati praised Ahmadinejad’s administration for struggling against the US hegemony. “Decisive confrontation with the Untied State’s hegemony, transparent approach and voicing hostility towards the enemy are among the precious approaches of the 9th administration and indicate its power,” Jannati told a large and fervent congregation of worshippers on Tehran University Campus here on Friday.

“When a government dares to state its opposition and stands against hegemony, this shows that it is a powerful government,” he continued.

He said due to the government’s strong resistance, the Islamic Republic’s power has been established in the international arena and that the whole world has now realized that the Islamic Republic is a mighty and powerful ruling system which would not surrender to enemies’ efforts and threats.

Noting Iran’s nuclear issue, this week’s Friday Prayers leader of Tehran reminded that West’s threats and sanctions have all proved to be just a failure, and added that western countries imagined that Iran would retreat along the nuclear path if they frowned at the Islamic Republic.

“They started different political games, including threats and political talks because they were afraid of the Islamic Republic’s access to nuclear technology. They did whatever they could and they eventually resorted to sanctions because they imagined that this last ditch effort would hit the bulls eye, but they witnessed that their threats and sanctions proved to be inefficient.

“And now we have come to a point where no power can prevent the Islamic Republic’s progress in the field of nuclear technology,” Jannati continued.

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