MP Calls US Greatest Terrorist State in World

A00954302.jpgAn Iranian lawmaker here on Friday said that the US is the greatest terrorist in the world, noting the United States’ terrorist operations worldwide.Eshrat Sheyeq told FNA that the US efforts to blacklist Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) would not deter Iranian nation and officials from strengthening the country’s armed forces, including the IRGC.

“Human communities embark on forming armed forces in a bid to protect their independence and territorial integrity and also to establish security,” she said, reminding that any country facing threats would reinvigorate its armed forces with more sensitivity.

The legislator reminded that millions of Iranian people are considered as members of the Basij (mobilized troops) which is an affiliate to the IRGC, “and this shows our people’s trust in this holy institution.”

She further reiterated that the US efforts to undermine IRGC are doomed to failure.

“Considering the US crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and (Palestinian) occupied territories, the world public opinion knows very well which country is a terrorist state,” Shayeq concluded.

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