IAEA Dismisses Case with Iran’s Plutonium Issue

A02995615.jpgThe International Atomic Energy Agency eventually admitted that what Iran has declared about its plutonium project is consistent with the existing realities, Iran’s permanent envoy to the IAEA Ali Asghar Soltanieh said. Speaking to FNA on Tuesday, Soltanieh said that in his meeting on Monday he delivered the Tehran agreement between the Islamic Republic and IAEA delegations to the UN nuclear watchdog head Mohamed ElBaradei.

The envoy said that also during the meeting, he and ElBaradei have discussed Iran’s cooperation with the agency, and added, “Mr. ElBaradei voiced pleasure in the agreement and expressed the hope that the contents of the agreement would be implemented, assuring that he would mention this positive step of the Islamic Republic of Iran in his report in a proper way.”

He said the upcoming report by the IAEA head would announce that one of the remaining issues which was the center of discussions for several years, that is the plutonium project, has been resolved by the two sides and that the case is dismissed.

“And this issue indicates the resolve of the Islamic Republic of Iran to cooperate with the Agency in resolving the remaining issues,” Soltanieh added.

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