ElBaradei Admits to Peaceful Nature of Iran’s N. Activities

A02469544.jpgIran’s permanent envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency Ali Asghar Soltanieh said that the recent report presented by the UN nuclear watchdog head Mohammed ElBaradei to the IAEA Board of Governors endorsed the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities. “The report emphasized once again that exists no sign or evidence indicating diversion of Iran’s nuclear activities (from peaceful means and purposes) and that all Iran’s nuclear materials have been audited,” Soltanieh told FNA on Thursday.

The report also confirmed Iran’s statements about the issue of plutonium and it dismissed the case with this issue of which certain western countries have repeatedly made a ploy, he continued.

The envoy also said that once the remaining issues between Iran and the IAEA are resolved, IAEA would continue its inspections and implementation of the safeguards “in a normal way”.

“This report admitted that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s (nuclear) activities are peaceful and transparent and that intervention of organizations and bodies, including the UN Security Council, in this issue is unjustified and that the Agency is the only international-specialized organization which can resolve the issue,” he stressed.

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