Fadhlallah Describes Lebanon as Scene of Regional, Int’l Conflicts

A01750157.jpgLebanon has once again turned into a scene of regional and international conflicts, where the Lebanese nation is meant to be used as chess pieces, Lebanese Shiite Leader Allamah Muhammad Hussein Fadhlallah complained. “Now Lebanon has once again turned into a scene where different winds blow and we fear that conflicts ruin the walls and eventually the ceiling of this building,” Fadhlallah said during a meeting with Belgian ambassador to Beirut.

Also during the meeting, the two sides discussed latest developments in Lebanon and the region, where the Belgian diplomat also voiced concern about complicated conditions in Lebanon.

The Lebanese Shiite leader also assured the other side that Shiites are not making separatist efforts to establish a ruling system independent of other tribes and sects in that country, adding that they view Lebanon as their homeland and strive to protect its independence while remaining loyal to it.

Fadhlallah said Lebanese love their country while they are also a friend of the Arab and Islamic states, “yet they oppose being ruled by this or that country and they do not accept dependence on regional and international actors.”

He further noted the efforts and debates made at the Lebanese parliament for the election of the next president, and said, “The problem of Lebanon lies in its ethnic system which has turned every tribe and sect into a state independent from other states and which has made them rely on foreign forces.”

“And this has once again turned the country into a scene for regional and international conflicts among different movements,” Fadhlallah concluded.

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