Guantanamou Proves Untruthfulness of US Allegations about Human Rights

A03075592.jpgThose who have established Abu Ghraib and Guantanamou prisons and defend occupation should not make boastful speeches about human rights, Syrian deputy foreign minister said. Addressing the ministerial meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) on ‘Human Rights and Cultural Diversity’ here in Tehran on Tuesday, Feysal Meqdad further added, “It is high time certain countries should understand that the democratic norms and criteria imposed (on the world) today are not appropriate for all countries.”

“Why are those who have committed such crimes as occupation and aggression boasting about human rights,” he said, adding, “Those who have established the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamou prisons and defend occupation cannot talk to us about human rights.”

The Syrian official further pointed to the trampling of Palestinians’ rights by the Zionist regime of Israel, and reminded that occupation of a land violates the Untied Nations principles and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights .

Elsewhere, he welcomed Iran’s proposal for the establishment of a regional office of human rights for Southwest Asia in Tehran.

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