Iran Terms Agreement with IAEA Opportunity for 5+1

A03075598.jpgIran’s chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani described Tehran’s recent agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency as a test and an opportunity for the Group 5+1 to lead the country’s nuclear case towards the path of logic through taking mutually positive steps. Larijani said that during the last two months Iran and the IAEA formulated a proper framework for resolving the remaining issues between the two sides, and said that during the same period one of the European countries has made a primary plan to bring the two sides of Iran-West nuclear standoff into political understanding and agreement through talks.

Reminding that the agreement with the IAEA proved Iran’s good intentions, he called on the other side to comply with its pledges and refer Iran’s nuclear dossier back to the IAEA.

Larijani further blasted the US for describing Iran’s recent agreement with the IAEA as insignificant, and said that Washington is deaf to the clear message of Iran-IAEA agreement.

He warned that if US is willing to interact like the deaf, then all countries can play the deaf game and ignore everything.

Larijani, who is also Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) secretary, regretted the recent statements made by the US president about Iran and nuclear holocaust, and said, “Making such propaganda catch-phrases is good for those countries like the US which have an atomic bomb and not for Iran which, even according to the Untied States’ comprehensive system of information, does not have such a bomb.”

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