Muslim Envoys Condemn Insults to Islam by Swedish Press

Ambassadors of Islamic countries in a letter to Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt condemned sacrilege of Islamic sanctities and values, and stressed that human values should be misused and violated under the pretext of the freedom of speech. The letter prepared and conveyed to Reinfeldt by Iranian and Algerian ambassadors on behalf of all Muslim envoys to Stockholm appreciated the care and attention paid by the Swedish premier to the issue, and supported promotion of respect and mutual understanding among different cultures and religions.

It further pointed to the hurt feelings of the Muslims worldwide, and expressed regret that freedom of speech is used to attack the values and sentiments of over 1.3 billion Muslims.

“All liberties and freedoms, including the freedom of speech, are undoubtedly accompanied by responsibility and nothing legal, moral, social, cultural or political can be absolutely free,” the letter continued.

Elsewhere, the diplomatic corps underlined that freedom of speech does not provide a permission for the misuse of people or their dearest and holiest values, adding that such bold words would certainly result in anger and hatred of those who have been insulted.

The letter calls on all governments to foil such attitudes within the framework of their national laws.

“Although establishment of peace, order and coordination in a society necessitates mutual respect among different communities, we are not merely asking for respect for religions, rather we demand that religions be not targeted by intentional insults,” the letter said, and asked, “Are we asking for too much?”

The envoys assured that the world Muslims welcome any kind of debate and discussion about religions, but meantime reminded that insulting cartoons should never be considered as scientific and academic discussions, “this is merely a devilish act which should not be called a piece of art or press.”

The diplomatic corps of Muslim countries to Stockholm further expressed the hope that the prompt action of the Swedish premier could thwart repetition of such regrettable actions in future, and voiced full preparedness to cooperate with the Swedish government to foil such measures.

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