Persian Language of Peace, Friendship

Persian is the language of peace and friendship, said Iran’s ambassador to Thailand Mohsen Pak Ayeen during the opening session of the second Persian-language training course in Bangkok on Monday. During the meeting, the envoy described the Persian language as a manifestation of the Islamic culture, and said, “As the second language in the world of Islam, the Persian language has rendered much service to the expansion and promotion of Islamic culture and civilization.”

He further noted the positive effects of the Persian language in Iranians’ interactions with the outside world, and reiterated, “Persian is the language of friendship and peace and it has played a lustrous role through taking Iranians’ message of kindness and friendship to other nations.”

Pak Ayeen expressed the hope that foreign students could learn the Persian language through regular practice in a bid to play an effective role in the promotion of what he described as a sweet language in Thailand.

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