Speaker Calls for Convergence among Asian States

Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel said attainment of common ideals requires increased convergence among Asian countries both in theory and practice. Haddad Adel made the remarks during a dinner banquet thrown in the honor of the participants in the first Asian Parliaments Assembly (APA) in Tehran.

“The Asian states need to cooperate and converge both in theory and practice, if they are to reach their goals,” he said.

The speaker further called on Asian leaders, thinkers, researchers, artists and scholars to devise and adopt proper methods to open a new chapter of constructive talks and establish a common discourse for confronting challenges.

He also stated that all nations should be provided with the opportunity to enjoy sustainable development, and added, “In the same line, using the possibilities and potentials of the neighboring countries and emphasizing the historical, political and economic ties of adjacent countries which are located in a similar geographical area are considered as a basic step towards convergence with other world regions.”

Meantime, Haddad Adel said that along with a common viewpoint, Asian states should take practical measures to resolve regional challenges.

He called for the adoption of comprehensive strategies for the qualitative and quantitative development of interactions among governments, nations and non-governmental civil bodies and regulation of an appropriate plan of action.

The speaker voiced pleasure with the precious achievements of talks and agreements gained by the APA member states in the last five years, and said an Asian common viewpoint towards major world issues is already perceived in such grounds as politics, peace and security, society, economy, women, youth, etc.

“And the importance of this common viewpoint can be felt once its practical effects in the regulation of policies and action plans are observed,” he concluded.

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