US Seeks to Justify Crimes through Blacklisting IRGC

The United States seeks different excuses and devises various plots, including the blacklisting of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist group, in order to justify its crimes in Iraq, said commander of the Basij force (volunteer troops affiliated to the IRGC). General Seyed Mohammad Hejazi said the United States has grown so belligerent that even its allies are exhausted with its warmongering policies.

“The United States’ preemptive operations, violence and unilateralism have caused public upheavals against Washington’s wrong policies across the world, a result and manifestation of which could be readily perceived in the anti-US demonstrations staged by those believing in American values.

He further noted the upcoming elections in the US, and said that the demise of the US Neoconservatives is imminent, adding that the Neocons seek to justify their previous crimes to win public acceptance.

The senior commander further underlined that Iran is not seeking tension and conflict, and said, “We seek to reinvigorate our preparedness merely for defensive purposes and to confront possible incidents.”

To conclude his remarks, he expressed the hope that all occupied territories across the world would soon get rid of alien troops.

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