Iran, Malaysia Forge Understanding on Role of Muslim States

A03292223.jpgMalaysia and Iran have forged closer understanding on the role of Islamic countries in dealing with groups that are often in conflict with the religion. “It is not our approach to be confrontational. Our responses must portray that the religion is one of peace and one which stresses on security and consensus,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

Abdullah, who held bilateral talks with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the sidelines of the 62nd United Nations general assembly, said they discussed the Palestinian issue as well.

Fatah and Hamas, he said, must resolve the problems between them.

“What’s important is that the conflict be resolved based on the two-state solution,” he said, adding that they hoped Palestine would not be carved up even further.

“We cannot accept any efforts that would lead to Palestine being divided into two,” he told Malaysian journalists in New York on Wednesday.

Abdullah also met with Timor Leste President Ramos Horta, who sought Malaysia’s help to provide training for the country’s students.

“We have no problem accepting their students. I also told him that we put more emphasis on training the trainers,” he said.

On his bilateral talks with Bangladesh’s chief adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed, Abdullah said both countries agreed that action must be taken to prevent the arrival of Bangladeshi workers who were without permits or documents.

“Those who do so are only causing trouble to themselves as they would be exploited by employers and they end up not being able to complain as they fear action from the Immigration Department.”

Abdullah also held bilateral talks with the Presidents from Nigeria and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Prime Minister will address the UN general assembly on Friday.

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