Iraqi, US Presidents to Discuss Release of Iranian Detainee

A009056810.jpgIraqi President Jalal Talabani is due to meet his US counterpart George W. Bush on Monday to discuss the release of an Iranian businessman and advisor to the governor general of Iran’s Kermanshah province who was arrested by the US troops in Iraq earlier this month. Representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Nazem Dabbagh told FNA Sunday that the Iraqi and US presidents are also scheduled to discuss the latest conditions in Iraq during the meeting.

“In this meeting, the (Iraqi) president will present the US president with a written request by the traders and businessmen of the Iraqi Kurdistan for the release of (the Iranian national Mahmoud) Farhadi and a compensation of the losses and damages incurred on Kurdistan due to his arrest,” Dabbagh said.

Iran closed off all its shared borders with the Iraqi Kurdistan to voice its strong protest at the abduction of Farhadi during a raid by the US troops on his residence at Hotel Palace in Suleymanieh on September 22.

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