DM Terms IRGC Most Revolutionary Anti-Terrorism Organization in World

A009056811.jpgIran’s defense minister Monday dismissed the recent decision of the US Congress for labeling the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group, and described IRGC as the largest and most revolutionary anti-terrorism organization in the entire world. Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar reminded IRGC’s vigilance and prompt actions against the terrorist attacks launched against Iran by the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), saying that the terrorist operations conducted by the MKO under the protection of the US would have pushed the entire region into a whirlwind of violence and terrorism if they had not been stopped by IRGC’s prompt action.

He further reminded that the IRGC has dedicated thousands of martyrs and handicapped soldiers to the campaign against terrorism, “and it is strongly confronting any kind of terrorist measure today.”

The General reminded the popular nature of the IRGC, and said that it serves security, welfare and tranquility of the Iranian people while it also strives to safeguard regional peace and stability, adding that the approval of the US Congress is a great insult to the ancient and great nation of Iran.

Elsewhere, he said that a review over the performance of the US ruling party unveils that the US measures and policies should be viewed as the origin of terrorism in the region, and continued, “Today, the US army and CIA agents are trying to justify their illegitimate presence in the region through assassination, abduction and massacre of the innocent people and also through smuggling weapons and conducting explosions while they accuse Iraq’s neighbors of the crimes that they themselves commit.”

The defense minister described the approval of the US Congress as ridiculous, and said it lacks legality and legitimacy, assuring that accusations and political and psychological pressures would never make the Islamic Republic victimize the faithful, dedicated, revolutionary and anti-terrorism forces of the IRGC.

He further called on the US Congressmen to give up wrong accusations, and instead scrutinize the performance of the US army and CIA fairly to find the real origins of terrorism in the Middle-East region, the US and the world.

Meantime, the official stressed that despite all the US propaganda campaign, the vigilant nations can discern very well that the Untied States’ hawkish and neoconservative ruling party is in charge of all the crises and terrorist operations, adding that the secret documents of the US will show this reality if they are revealed to the public in the decades to come.

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