Intelligence Agencies Strive to Locate Hezbollah Arsenals

A009056823.jpgIntelligence agencies of certain regional states have launched extensive efforts to identify arsenals and military depots of the Lebanese Hezbollah group. In a wave of reconnaissance missions, a delegation from the Jordanian intelligence organization headed by Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Taha paid a visit to Beirut in August to meet the director of the intelligence department of the Lebanese home security to discuss Hezbollah’s military potentials and activities.

Identification of Hezbollah’s arsenals, rocket and missile depots in southern Lebanon and the Western Beqa by the help of satellite images set the main agenda of the meeting between the two Lebanese and Jordanian intelligence officials.

After Hezbollah’s rocket attacks brought the Lebanese an eye-catching triumph over Israel during the 33-war last summer, not only the Israeli Musad and the US CIA, but also intelligence agencies of those regional countries which pursue the same policies of the Untied States and Israel have started extensive efforts to identify Hezbollah’s missile, rocket and military capabilities and warehouses.

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