MP Blasts France’s Hostile Stance on Iran

A009056881.jpgA prominent Iranian lawmaker said here on Wednesday that the French government’s confused and weak system of diplomacy has pushed Paris into the adoption of hostile stances on Iran.Speaking to FNA here today, representative of Tabriz at the Islamic Consultative Assembly Eshrat Shayeq noted the French government’s shaky policy on Iran’s nuclear issue, and said, “This policy which contains obviously contradictory components will undermine the international status of that country.”

“While the Untied States does not have a corroborative body of evidence to substantiate its accusations against Iran and to prove Iran’s disrespect for the rules and regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), confusion and weakness of France’s system of diplomacy are the only factors which could justify adoption of belligerent stances by the French government against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its parallel policies and support for the US pressures (against Tehran),” she said.

The legislator further pointed to Iran’s current talks with the IAEA, and said, “While these talks have happened through mutual agreement and produced positive results, the insistence of the French government on imposing sanctions against Iran is questionable, specially considering that a majority of the world countries have voiced their support for Iran-IAEA talks and stressed the need for the two sides to continue their negotiations.”

Meantime, she said France’s obedience to the US will cause humiliation and disrespect for Paris and undermine its international position, reminding that France, as a veto-wielding member of the UN Security Council, should adopt independent policies and stances.

The legislative official further called on Iranian foreign minister to revise the country’s ties with France, saying that under present circumstances, where Paris has embarked on adopting hostile stances against Iran, keeping the Islamic Republic’s markets wide open to French companies and products cannot be justified.

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