Speaker: West’s Opposition to Iran’s N. Progress Politically-Driven

A009056879.jpgWe believe that unreal concerns about Iran’s peaceful nuclear programs are driven by political incentives, Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel told a Swiss television network. “Officials and inspectors of (the International Atomic Energy) Agency have repeatedly announced that they have not observed any diversion in Iran’s nuclear programs, and we have frequently stated that we have no intention for producing atomic bombs,” Haddad Adel said.

“We believe that there reside hidden political goals behind the unreal concerns about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program,” he continued.

Elsewhere, the speaker expressed regret over the recent statements by the French foreign minister, and said, “The contradictory words of our French friends saddened us even more than his remarks. We advise them to be independent because the dignity and status of their nation is too high to follow the Americans.”

He also dismissed a possible US invasion of Iran and said Americans are unlikely to make such miscalculations.

“On the other hand, what achievements has the US made through its invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq which could persuade him to enter another war? Meantime, our nation has shown that in case such an event happens, it would strongly defend its rights,” Haddad Adel said.

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