EC Secretary Calls on Islamic States to Establish Arab Asia Union

A009056888.jpgSecretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezayee proposed that Muslim countries establish a union under the title of Arab Asia in order to achieve regional convergence. Addressing the members of Iran-Iraq friendship association here on Wednesday, Rezayee noted the cordial ties between the two neighboring nations, and said that Iran-Iraq friendship association presents a new possibility for the further expansion of the two countries’ cooperation.

He pointed to the current insecurities in Iraq, and said that enemies of Islam have decided to manage the region through crisis management.

“Crisis and critical conditions have continued in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon for years,” the official said, adding, “But the question is if they (western powers) are really keen on seeing the end of the crisis.”

“If they want, all crises will end very soon, but it is in the interest of the US and Israel to put the Muslim world under a political-security atmosphere,” he added.

He said the US and Israel sparked crisis in the Middle-East region 60 years ago and that they still intend to continue the same critical conditions in the region for the next 60 to 70 years in a bid to prevent the world of Islam from manifesting its actual power.

Rezayee said critical conditions in the Middle-East region serve the interests of the US and Israel, “because energy resources are located in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the similar countries in the region and they (US and Israel) need crisis if they want to take energy resources out of this region.”

He also said that the US and West spark tensions and crises in the region in a bid to pave the way for the survival of Israel.

He advised regional nation to refrain from helping intensification and continuation of crisis and avoid targeting their Shiite or Sunnite brothers so as to make the US and Israel fail in attaining their goals.

“Today, participation in crisis means joining the US and Israeli front, therefore, Muslim countries should remain as friends and brothers so that they can go past the existing crises,” he added.

The Expediency Council secretary underlined the need for convergence of regional states, and said, “We can establish an Arab Asia Union in an effort to achieve regional convergence.”

“And Iran-Iraq friendship association can give rise to such a regional union,” he concluded.

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