Ahmadinejad Highlights Power of Iranian Army

A0090568118.jpgIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here in Tehran on Monday said enemies are fearful of the Islamic Republic army and do not dare to invade Iran. “Today the Iranian army is facing no dead-ends and it is strongly standing and making progress in every field,” the president said.

He further described the Iranian nation as the flag-bearer of justice and peace and a messenger of welfare for the world nations.

“Today enemies feel hopeless for striking at Iran while some of their threats are rooted in their fear,” Ahmadinejad continued.

He said the power of the Iranian army and nation gives hope to the world nations, and viewed the power of the Islamic Republic army as a manifestation of peace and security for the world people.

He said the rationale of the Iranian nation and government has turned into the superior logic in the world, and added, “We are willing to see the day when all machineguns are replaced with pen and all armies become an army of knowledge, science, courage and honor, similar to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s army.”

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