Kazakhstan Calls for Restriction of Military Operations in Caspian Sea

A0090568122.jpgKazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that the Caspian Sea littoral states should restrict their military operations to their borders if they intend to resolve their conflicts. Addressing the second summit of the heads of Caspian Sea littoral states here in Tehran Tuesday morning, Nazarbayev also proposed that the Caspian Sea littoral states enhance cooperation through continued talks and negotiations.

He said his country strives to promote all-out ties with all other littoral states, and stressed the need for the rapid approval of the convention on the Caspian Sea legal regime in a bid to bolster cooperation among the five littoral states.

The Kazakh president also said that the Tehran summit indicates the littoral states’ efforts to boost cooperation, and expressed the hope that the draft convention on the Sea would be signed by all the relevant sides at the end of the summit.

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