IRGC Commander:Aggressions to Be Reciprocated with a Rain of Rockets

A03444029.jpg A senior Iranian military commander said that his troops would reciprocate any aggression with 11,000 rockets fired on enemy positions and bases in the very first minute of enemy invasion. Speaking to FNA here on Saturday, commander of the Artillery and Missile Unit of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) ground force General Mahmoud Chahar Baghi voiced pleasure with Iran’s self-sufficiency in manufacturing artillery and missile equipments, and said that the Islamic Republic is equipped with the best and most advanced cannons now.

He said Iran is now equipped with radar-evasive rockets and the most advanced rocket launchers in the world, adding that these radar-evasive rocket launchers have been deployed all across Iranian borders in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman as well as the country’s borders with Iraq and some other neighboring countries.

The commander said that precision and range of Iran’s rockets – which are manufactured domestically – are unique in the world.

He further pointed out that the IRGC ground troops are equipped with smart ammunitions, including smart shells, rockets and missiles.

He said his troops can now target moving objects, like cars, with high precision by using smart rounds, adding that the defense ministry has taken long strides in designing and manufacturing smart ammunitions.

The military official said that Iran has gained independence in manufacturing military tools and equipment.

Meantime, he said that Iran’s artillery attacks are now guided by computer programs, which he said would prevent errors and mistakes.

“Proper use of arsenals, specially smart ammunition and optical systems as well as the use of well-trained and skillful forces and advanced guidance equipment have increased the level of success of our troops,” the commander stressed.

He said Iranian troops receive trainings in both symmetric and asymmetric warfare in order to be prepared for any kind of confrontation.

The General reminded that IRGC artillery and missile units are scattered all around the country and that enemy troops cannot locate the said units.

He said Iranian troops have already located enemy positions, and warned that in case enemy dares to invade Iran, his troops would reciprocate with a rain of rockets in less than a minute.

“According to our plans and tactics, 11,000 rockets, shells and cannon balls will be fired at enemy bases in the very first minute of enemy’s invasion and this volume and speed of fire will continue during the rest of the conflict,” Chahar Baghi said.

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