Iran Capable of Exporting Technology to other Countries

A02539503.jpgIran is capable of exporting technologies to other countries, a research official said. Speaking to FNA here on Monday, director of Iran’s Scientific and Industrial Researches Organization for International Affairs, Mahmoud Molanezhad, noted the scientific and technological movements in Iran in the last three decades, and said, “From the viewpoint of technology Iran enjoys a special status in the region and there are many countries now which are not only asking for cooperation with Iran, but also demand a transfer of technology from our country.”

He further pointed to Iran’s technological advancements in some areas, and said, “We have made such a good progress in certain technological fields that we can even export these technologies to other countries.”

Molanezhad said Iran is now among the very few countries with a homegrown technical know-how for the manufacture of dialyze machineries, adding that his country has made an eye-catching progress in Information Technology (IT), Nanotechnology and Biotechnology.

“Iran has reached such high levels in the said technological fields that it can even train applicants,” he continued.

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