Iraq Division Plan Unveils US Hostility towards Muslim World

A01853726.jpgIranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel expressed surprise at the US Congress resolution for the disintegration of Iraq, underlining that the approval revealed Washington’s animosity towards the world of Islam. Addressing an international meeting of Muslim (Shiite and Sunnite) scholars here in Tehran on Tuesday, Haddad Adel reminded that the US invasion of the Middle-East took place under the pretext of sponsoring freedom and democracy, and added, “But it (the US Congress) later embarked on a surprising act and ratified a resolution for the disintegration of Iraq and this shows their hostility towards the world of Islam.”

He further pointed to West’s efforts to sow discord among the Islamic Ummah (nation) during the last century, saying that West’s plots have created many challenges for the Muslim world.

The speaker said that the western powers have always striven to cause division among Muslims in a bid to dominate energy resources, specially oil reserves in the Middle-East.

He said the US strives to gain control over the Mideast oil reserves not only to dominate the Muslim countries, but also to practice hegemony over the entire world.

Elsewhere, the top legislative official voiced pleasure with the growing vigilance in the world of Islam, saying that despite West’s efforts, the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the late 20th century sparked a wave of vigilance among the Islamic Ummah.

“Muslims have now come to the conclusion that they should strive to portray a proper future for their political and social life,” he said, adding, “Now the young generation in the Muslim world …has achieved maturity and vigilance and they do not want to give in to the western world any more.”

Yet, the Iranian parliament speaker warned Muslim nations about the plots hatched by the West, specially the US, and called on the world Muslims to enhance unity and solidarity.

Reiterating that Muslims should be wary of western plots, he said Islamic nations can remove the threats posed by the West to their countries and religion through unity and solidarity.

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