Hopes for Georgian-Ossetian conflict settlement

Russia hopes final protocol of Joint Control Commission on Georgian-Ossetian conflict settlement will be signed. Russian Co-Chair of the Joint Control Commission (JCC) on Georgian-Ossetian conflict settlement Yuri Popov hopes that during the talks in Tbilisi the sides will manage to sign a final protocol of the meeting.

The JCC negotiations resumed in Georgia today. “I believe the meeting is timely and expect that it would push the momentum to continuing contacts between the conflict parties and the contact will bring about a result,” Popov said. 


It is worth mentioning, positions of Tbilisi and Tskhinvali are still contradicting. Georgia continues claiming for control over the Roki Tunnel on the South-Ossetian section of the Georgian-Russian border. Georgia insists that weapons are sent to South Ossetia through the tunnel. However, Tskhinvali urges to sign a peace treaty between presidents of South Ossetia and Georgia. Besides, South Ossetia speaks for intensifying cooperation of law enforcement bodies of the two parties. As for the control over the tunnel, Ossetians claim that the process of Georgians drawing up forces to the conflict zone is to be under observation, reports RSN. 


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