Communists propose to elect Ukrainian president by the parliament

Ukrainian Communist Party leader Pyotr Simonenko plans to propose constitutional amendments to the Ukrainian Supreme Rada, in accordance with which Ukrainian president is to be elected by the parliament. Simonenko’s statement was released today by the Communist Party press office, a REGNUM correspondent informs. 

“I will insist that the new Supreme Rada passes amendments to the constitution about the way of electing the president. I will propose to elect president by the parliament, which will allow ruling out differing interpretations of the state policy by top governmental officials,” Simonenko particularly said. Besides, according to him, election of president by the parliament will rule out president’s interference into the process of forming a coalition and the Cabinet of Ministers. “Proposing such amendments to the constitution, we will be able to unite responsibility of all power branches to the electorate,” the Communist leader believes.

“We have elected a Supreme Rada that will form a government and will implement election pledges of political parties and in two years a presidential election is to take place in Ukraine, after which the president will claim that the executive power carry out his policy,” Simonenko stressed

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