DM Stresses Deterrent Nature of Iranian Missiles

A01177144.jpgIranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar underlined that his country’s missiles capability is not meant to pose a threat to any other country and merely serves as a deterrent to enemy invasion. “Iran’s defense power, including its missile capability, serves sustainable peace and security in the region,” the General said, adding that Iran’s military capabilities are viewed as a part of the Muslim world’s defensive power.

He further dismissed recent allegations made by US President George W. Bush about Iran’s missile threat to Europe, and said that Bush and Dick Cheney seek to justify deployment of the US missile shield in the Czech republic, which has faced growing opposition of the European nations.

“Another cause of the US wrathfulness is the successful arrangement and holding of the Caspian Sea Summit (in Tehran) where participants reached a unique consensus over the establishment of security without the presence of the alien troops in the region,” the defense minister added.

He also pointed to the new sanctions levied by the US against Iran, and said, “Imposition of one-sided sanctions by the US indicates that it is disappointed with the companionship of other world countries in the confrontation with Iran.”

“Such sanctions not only speed up the pace of self-sufficiency and self-reliance, but also enhance national unity and solidarity (of the Iranians) for confronting enemy threats,” Najjar added.

He further advised the White House officials to give up promulgation of lies and their wide negative ploy against the peaceful intentions and strong logic of the Iranian nation and, instead of imposing fruitless sanctions and pressures, show respect for the nations’ right to use God graces.

Meantime, the official called on certain EU states to be watchful of the deceits and wrong inspirations of the United States’ war-mongering ruling party, reminding that the US hawks are endangering global peace and security through their illegitimate interventions in every corner of the world.

He said Iran believes that war, violence, terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) should be uprooted through cooperation and coordination among nations and governments.

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