Turkish troops stalled on Iraqi border after talks

A011771410.jpgIt’s stalemate on the border with Iraq after Ankara slammed Baghdad’s proposals to deal with the PKK threat in the north of the country as “insufficient”. No further talks are now planned as 100,000 Turkish soldiers wait for orders.

It’s thought Ankara may wait until meetings with US officials, next week and the week after, before deciding on its next move.

The Kurdish PKK rebels are fighting for a united Kurdistan, deemed unacceptable by Turkey.

Iraq has said “no” to an all-out Turkish attack, or the handing over of suspected rebel leaders.

“We do not think that there is any solution if there is killing and death, ” said one Turkish driver waiting at the border. “The best solution is a political one.”

But Turkey claims diplomacy will not stop the numerous attacks on its soil and insists the region is fostering terrorism.

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