US Unilateral Policies Defeated

A01177148.jpgA prominent Iranian lawmaker dismissed US efforts to impose a new round of sanctions on Iran as a violation of the international rules and regulations, saying that the measure is indicative of the failure of Washington’s policies.  Chairman of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaoddin Boroujerdi made the remarks in a meeting here in Tehran on Saturday with the visiting Bulgarian deputy foreign minister.

During the meeting, Boroujerdi also pointed to the violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by the US manufacture and test of new generations of nuclear weapons, and called on the world to show proper reaction to the illegal measures adopted by the US.

He further noted current crises in the region, specially in Iraq and Afghanistan, and stressed Iran’s extensive efforts to soothe the crises and establish security and stability in the region, saying that Tehran believes all regional states should strive to end crisis in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The MP described deployment of the US troops in Iraq as the root cause of insecurities and instability in that country, underlying that the specification of a time-table for the withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq is the only solution to the present problems and crisis in the war-torn neighbor of the Islamic Republic.

He also reiterated the need for the safeguarding of Iraq’s territorial integrity, and said Iraqi government is responsible for securing its borders.

The legislator also noted the high costs of Iraq invasion for the US, which he said amount to $4 bln each week, and described the Untied States as the main loser in Iraq’s developments.

“Reinvigoration of national sovereignty and legal and popular government in Iraq will be a significant step towards establishment of durable security and stability in that country,” he said.

Boroujerdi further voiced Iran’s full preparedness to cooperate in the restoration of security in the region.

Elsewhere, he pointed to Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities supervised by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and stressed that the IAEA is the only official body having the authority to make decisions about the peaceful nuclear activities of countries.

The legislative official also voiced pleasure in Iran-Bulgaria growing cooperation, specially in parliamentary grounds, and stressed the Iranian parliament’s serious support for the expansion of all-out cooperation with Bulgaria.

For his part, the Bulgarian deputy foreign minister viewed Iran as an important country in the region, and stressed that bolstering of all-out cooperation with Tehran sets a top priority of his country’s foreign policy.

He also voiced his country’s support for Iran-IAEA nuclear talks, and said he was confident that Tehran’s nuclear issue would be resolved through dialogue and negotiations.

He also described Iran’s role as much constructive and significant in the settlement of crises in the region, and stated Bulgaria’s readiness to cooperate with Iran in the said regard.

The Bulgarian deputy foreign minister also termed parliamentary cooperation between the two countries as crucially important, and called on both sides to utilize the ample potentials and possibilities existing for mutual cooperation.

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