2.000 Turkish Soldiers are in Iraq

The number of Turkish troops inside Irq has reached 2.000. The Turkish soldiers are based in Batufa-Begova-Kanimasi triangle, in Northern Iraq. The Turkish security forces make operations in 8-20 km inside of the northern Iraq against the PKK terrorists.

Turkish warplanes bomb the PKK bases in the region and Turkish commandos destroy the camps after the air bombings. 200 armored vehicles support the Turkish troops. Bamerni Airport of Northern Iraq has been under the Turkish
control. The number of the Turkish intelligence officers has also recently been increased.

Turkish security forces started regular patrols in many sensitive regions in northern Iraq against the PKK.

Turkey urged Iraq, US and Kurdish local authorities to remove the PKK terrorist camps from the Iraqi territories yet no concrete step has been taken. Barzani even declared that the PKK was not terrorist organization while the US, EU and Baghdad Government enlisted the PKK as terrorist organization. Turkey accuses Barzani of supporting the PKK and some of the Turkish groups claim that Barzani should be captured and jailed like Abdullah Ocalan head of the PKK terrorists.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan warned the international community that Turkey will act unilaterally if the other countries do not help Turkey in combating against terrorism.


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