France Badly Discredited by Obedience to US

Tehran dismissed the recent statements made by the French defense minister about Iran’s nuclear activities, saying that such meaningless remarks which bear no value undermine France’s international status. “The simple-minded obedience to the US statesmen in recent months has and will deal a heavy blow at France’s credit and reputation,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini said here on Tuesday following the remarks made a day earlier by Herve Morin against Iran’s nuclear programs.

“The yesterday remarks by the French defense minister in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi is a repetition of the same irresponsible utterances he made in Doha two months ago,” he added.

Hosseini further expressed regret that Morin’s statements were based on incorrect information, describing his words as the magnified version of an unreal scenario about the nature and goals of Iran’s peaceful nuclear programs.

“While the International Atomic Energy Agency has explicitly and obviously stressed the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program and called on those who allege differently to present relevant documents, expression of such statements is of much surprise and indicates very clearly that those who do not have any proof or evidence to present to legal and professional authorities tend to promulgate their political and radical intentions by spreading their meaningless and valueless words through the media,” he said.

The spokesman rejected Morin’s allegations about Iran’s lack of cooperation with the IAEA, reminding that the Islamic Republic has rendered most cooperation with the inspectors of the UN nuclear watchdog agency.

“The recent agreements between the Islamic republic of Iran and the agency and the IAEA officials’ frequently expressed satisfaction at Iran’s cooperation substantiate the incorrectness of the French foreign minister’s statements,” he added.

Hosseini said such baseless allegations, which serve trade objectives, aim to inspire the Persian Gulf states with a feeling of suspicion and fear to goad them into increasing their arms purchase.

He also reminded that such approaches run counter to the EU’s proclaimed stances based on encouraging political talks.

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