Andrei Lugovoy and his business partner Dmitry Kovtun have been holding a press conference in Moscow

Andrei Lugovoy, the ex-KGB bodyguard turned businessman, accused in the United Kingdom of killing ex-Russian security service officer Alexander Litvinenko, and his business partner Dmitry Kovtun have been holding a press conference in Moscow today. Lugovoy announced during the press conference that he and his relatives fell under “nuclear terrorism” in London a year ago, news agency Interfax reports.
“Exactly a year ago, my family and I, and my friends Dmitry Kovtun and Vyacheslav Sokolenko, were subjected to nuclear terrorism in London, Britain,” Lugovoy is quoted as saying today in Moscow. He also pointed out that Litvinenko’s death “was the result of actions by certain persons in Britain, which were a threat to our lives,” Interfax notes. Lugovoy repeated that neither he, nor the other persons had anything to do with what had happened to Litvinenko. British police believe it was Lugovoy who slipped polonium-210 into Litvinenko’s tea at the Millennium hotel in London on November 1 last year.
The businessman declared today that traces of polonium were leading from Britain to Russia. He said he did not bring polonium to London, and he himself had been infected by it there. Lugovoy marked that the traces of polonium had been found in the London company office which was visited by the Russian businessmen and also on the seats of the plane they came back to Moscow. However, no polonium was found on the plane he used to fly from Moscow to Great Britain, Lugovoy stressed according to Ekho Moskvy.

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