IRGC Warns Enemies against Invasion of Iran

A031190633.jpgCommander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps underlined his troops preparedness to stand up to any kind of aggression, warning that IRGC will reciprocate aggressions with a crushing response. “If enemies prove to be naïve enough to invade Iran, they will be slapped hard,” Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said here on Wednesday.

“Enemy knows that if it attacks Iran, it will certainly get stuck in a quagmire deeper than Iraq and Afghanistan and will be defeated,” he added.

Jafari reiterated readiness of IRGC troops to show immediate and crushing response to any kind of aggression, saying, “The Corps is ready to stand up to the enemy powerfully and it does not allow aggression against the clean soil of Iran.”

Meantime, he reminded that IRGC’s preparedness level has been upgraded due to its equipment with advanced weapons and more qualitative training of its troops.

“The enemy knows that in case of an attack on Iran it will face the crushing response of the Corps,” the General warned.

He further dismissed US sanctions against Iran as a futile move, saying, “Use of such methods has become extinct and Iran is not at all fearful of threats and sanctions.”

“The enemy has gone through all methods and it knows that it has failed in its efforts against Iran, and it is due to the same reason that it has now resorted to economic sanctions and threats,” the IRGC commander concluded.

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