Iran Stresses Continued N. Enrichment

A031190616.jpgIran welcomed a recent Arab proposal to set up a consortium to provide Mideast countries with enriched uranium but said it would not halt its own enrichment activities “We welcome offers to participate in the uranium enrichment in other countries, but if these offers include the condition of a halt of enrichment in Iran, then it is not acceptable,” Supreme National Security Council Undersecretary Javad Vaeedi said.

“All of our endurance was done to preserve our right in enriching uranium,” he added.

The “EU3” of Britain, France and Germany, plus the United States, Russia and China, backed the drive for a third UN Security Council resolution and vote on Iran, unless upcoming reports showed “a positive outcome”.

“While we are fulfilling our international duties, we are not expecting punishment,” Vaeedi added.

“Passing resolution will not have a desirable outcome, and the countries who are talking about resolutions and sanctions are those who are not satisfied with Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) cooperations,” he said.

Foreign ministers of the six powers decided in late September they would wait for the IAEA’s Mohamed ElBaradei and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana’s reports before deciding on whether to push for a third round of UN Security Council sanctions.

Iran and the IAEA agreed on a timetable in August for Tehran to provide answers to outstanding questions over its nuclear program.

The IAEA has been probing Iran’s program for the past four years but has so far failed to conclude whether it is peaceful or not, although all reports by the UN nuclear watchdog have stressed that no non-peaceful move, program or activity has been observed during inspections of Iranian nuclear sites and facilities.

The Security Council has passed two rounds of sanctions to force Iran to suspend uranium enrichment, which can be used to supply the fuel for power generation or for nuclear arms.

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