Sanctions against Iran Indicate US Isolation

A031190621.jpgWashington’s decision to impose unilateral sanctions on Iran reveals US isolation in the in the international community, an Iranian lawmaker said. Member of the parliament’s majority fraction Eshrat Shayeq told FNA here on Sunday that sanctions would inflict more losses on the US than Iran.

She further pointed to the US anti-Iran measures throughout the past 50 years, including Washington’s support for the former Pahlavi regime to suppress revolutionary people in the late 1970s, looting of Iran’s wealth, interests and cultural heritage, direct involvement in the toppling of Mosaddeq government by staging a coup de tat in the 1950s, military invasion and all-out support for Saddam Hussein during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, shooting down of an Iranian passenger plane in the late 1980s, imposing economic embargoes on the Islamic Republic and extending wide support for anti-Iran terrorist groups such as Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO).

“Such moves and attitudes have discredited the US and portrayed it as a bullying and hegemonic power in the eyes of the Iranian nation,” the MP added.

She said the United States’ bullying attitude has caused increasing world hatred for the White House leaders, adding, “Hatred for the White House residents is not restricted to a specific region or country because the United States has trampled upon the rights of all nations through its hegemonic and bullying policies. Thus, all the free nations worldwide take every opportunity to condemn the US policies.”

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