US Seeks Control over Mideast Oil under Pretext of Al-Qaeda

A031190623.jpgAn Iranian MP said that the Untied States sought to dominate the Middle-East and its oil reserves under the pretext of campaign against terrorism, al-Qaeda and Bin Laden in particular. “The Untied States has deployed its military troops in 8 different countries in the region in a bid to control oil reserves and secure free flow of oil,” representative of Tehran at the Islamic Consultative Assembly Hossein Sheikhol Eslam said while addressing a meeting dubbed “A World without US Intervention” in the northern city of Behshahr Saturday night.

“Once it was known that the world oil reserves are mainly located in the Middle-East, the United States launched efforts to dominate the region as it found out that controlling oil reserves would mean controlling the world’s affairs,” he said, adding that Israel’s notorious plan for expanding its territories from the Nile to the Euphrates served the same goal pursued by the US.

“When Iran’s ex-king was dethroned and the US lost one of its major strongholds in the Middle-East, Washington realized that its control over regional reserves could be endangered, and thus, it hatched different plots to change Iran’s policies and ruling system, including its all-out support for Saddam Hossein during the 8 years of the Iraqi imposed war against Iran.

“But after it failed in attaining this goal, the White House leaders thought of new plots to maintain their domination over regional reserves, including the formation of such terrorist groups as the al-Qaeda,” he said.

The legislator concluded that the anti-terrorism slogans chanted by the US are nothing more than an excuse for Washington to find a foothold in the Middle-East.

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