Iran Seeks to Boost Cooperation with Afghanistan

A031190634.jpgIran pursues cooperation with Afghanistan due to the two nations’ common religious beliefs, joint interests and shared borders, Iranian foreign minister said. Speaking in a meeting with Afghan deputy foreign minister here on Monday, Manouchehr Mottaki described Iran-Afghanistan relations as age-old and historical, and stressed that support for Karzai government and deepening of relations between the two friendly nations set Iran’s policy on Afghanistan.

He further pointed out that the issue of illegal afghan immigrants requires mutual cooperation by both sides, and said, “While exercising the country’s current laws, the Islamic Republic also pays attention to the views of the Afghan government.”

For his part, the Afghan deputy foreign minister praised Iran’s material and spiritual aids and assistance to the Afghan people, and said, “People of Afghanistan view Iranians as their friends who share the same faith and religion and they appreciate Iran for hosting Afghan immigrants and for the assistance it has extended to Afghanistan at the time of Jihad (holy defense) and at the time of reconstruction.”

He further described Iran’s continued supports for the Afghan people and government as a source of hope for his country, and expressed the hope that Afghan graduates residing in Iran could return to the Islamic Republic in future to provide service to the Iranian people in different sectors.

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