MP Stresses Necessity for Domestic Enrichment

A031190632.jpgAn Iranian lawmaker said here on Monday that the Islamic Republic would certainly produce its needed nuclear fuel inside the country.“Other countries should pay attention to this point that (uranium) enrichment will be done inside Iran,” representative of Tehran at the Islamic Consultative Assembly Hossein Sheikhol Eslam told FNA.

He further reminded that Iran has already accessed the required technology for enriching uranium, and called on other countries to accept Iran’s’ enrichment capability.

“Other countries should find a proper mechanism to accept with this fact,” the legislator reiterated.

He also pointed to the recent proposal raised by Saudi Arabia for the establishment of a nuclear consortium in a country outside the region to enrich uranium for Iran and other Middle-Eastern users, and said, “Iran is prepared to cooperate with all countries, including Saudi Arabia, in enriching uranium.”

“But other countries should pay attention to this point that enrichment should be done inside Iran (in such cooperation),” the MP added.

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